How We Came to Be.

It is a funny story how Overscore and my introduction to branding came to be. It very much feels like this is what I was born to do.

When I founded Overscore, I had just quit soccer; the sport that I was playing collegiately at Seattle University and had been playing for 17 years of my life. I went from having an activity that would take my daily energy and many hours of my day, to having a glut of time and energy.

With this time, I was able to reconnect with other passions I had had to push aside. I have always been intrigued and involved with art, shapes, and craft. Growing up, I took 3 years of art, 4 years of music, and 4 years of Architecture in high school, and I loved everything about it. Something about creating something out of nothing called to me. Now, even though I wasn’t completely involved in the arts because of my heavy participation in soccer, it was well documented that I was involved in architecture classes across my extended family. I had shared some of my work on social media for my family to see and usually received some very positive comments from them.

Well it turns out that one day, my aunt had the idea to call and ask me:

“You’re good with computers, right?” Assuming so because of my architecture class.

“Yes…”, I responded hesitantly, but ultimately conceding thinking that it was going to be a simple request.

“I wanted to ask you if you could design me a logo? I want to be an event planner and start my own business. What do you think?” she followed, to my great surprise.

“I mean… yeah, I guess… I don’t know how to design brands, but if you need it I am willing to learn and do my best to help you out,” I said slowly.

I eventually did go on to design her brand, which consisted simply of a logo and stationary design, the elements I believed to make up branding in its entirety at that time. Throughout the entire process, I was having the most fun I had had in awhile; designing her brand and learning how to use Adobe Illustrator never felt like work. There was something so attracting about the process that I couldn’t help but dive in full on.

To keep the story short, about a month later, after I delivered the "brand design, I received a text message from my aunt saying that she had landed her first client thanks to the work that I had done.

Those words struck me, more so than when my name was called for graduation. I felt accomplished, and most importantly, rewarded; not because I did a good job, but because I had genuinely helped turn someone’s vision and dream into their reality. That is when I fully understood the importance of branding.

This is how I arrived to where I am today, a couple years later, in my design journey. I have built a small network of accomplished creatives and I am looking forward to continuing to grow and serve visionaries their new reality.

Welcome to Overscore.